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Got a bad case of the Mondays? 

Do you look tired even when you’ve had enough sleep? Under eye circles or hollows can age the face and make you look more tired than you really are.

Under eye fillers can be a great solution when our “tear troughs”, or the area surrounding our eyes, is gaunt, hollow, or tired looking. 

Why do I get under eye circles?

• Under eye circles or hollows deepen with time and other signs of aging. 

• Dark circles, a tired appearance, and a deeper indentation in the area surrounding the eyes is common and often genetic. 

• Eyes often age faster than other parts of the face because the skin around your eyes is thinner and more delicate. 

• A loss in cheek fat as we age can also affect the appearance of the under eye area. 

• If you rub your eyes often, your skin may also have accelerated pigment production – inflaming and darkening the skin.

Why consider tear trough fillers?

Looking tired can affect your overall appearance and confidence. Many of our go-to solutions like concealer or serums aren’t effective or lasting. Makeup washes off in the shower or at the gym, but under eye fillers restore brightness and fullness to the under eye area – so you can leave the concealer at home! Under eye or tear trough fillers remedy the loss of volume in the tear trough area, which causes the appearance of under eye circles. 

What are under eye fillers?

Under eye fillers are injectable treatments which restore volume and a plump appearance to the under eye area. This treatment uses a gel form of hyaluronic acid (HA), a substance naturally produced by the body, to fill the area under the eyes. It works by lifting up the skin and restoring the facial volume you enjoyed when you were younger. 

What can I expect from under eye fillers?

This treatment takes approximately 30 minutes. The area will be treated with a numbing cream and then injected with the filler. Most patients experience some redness and bruising for several days, but after this subsides your under eye area will be noticeably brighter. 

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