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We (hopefully) spend 2920 hours per year sleeping, and whether those 2920 hours have a positive impact or a negative one depends on many different factors. One of those factors? Your pillow. 

enVy Pillow is an anti-aging therapeutic pillow designed by two Registered Nurses. Kim Renton, a nurse injector and clinical trainer, realized that side and stomach sleepers develop deep lines (sleep wrinkles) on their faces from “squishing” them into their pillows every night. Kathy Young, a plastic surgery/cranial-facial surgery nurse who has lived with Scoliosis for over 40 years, saw a need for a pillow that could provide therapeutic ergonomic support. 2.5 years of research later, enVy pillow was born; designed with LuxFeel memory foam to offer top-notch head and shoulder support, and with a structural design to keep you off of your face while sleeping. 

Canadian-made (and featured on Dragon's Den!) and endorsed by physiotherapists, chiropractors, dermatologists and plastic surgeons alike, enVy Pillow raises the bar on beauty sleep. 

Ergonomic neck + spine support.

Waking up with neck pain, headaches, shoulder strains, or even numbness is not normal, nor is it healthy. enVy Pillow’s perfectly engineered sloped sides cradle and tilt your head, providing unparalleled head, neck, shoulder and spinal support for optimal alignment. The pillow’s design makes it ideal for those suffering from chronic neck and back pain, TMJ pain, sleep disorders, and more. 

Anti-aging/anti-wrinkle - while you sleep.

Sleep wrinkles. Have you heard of them? Unlike expression wrinkles, which are caused by our natural expression and muscle movement, sleep wrinkles are caused by sleeping with your face in your pillow every night. Expression wrinkles can be treated with neuromodulators like BOTOX® Cosmetic, but treating sleep wrinkles comes down to your pillow. The gull-wing shape of the enVy Pillow promotes clearance from delicate facial tissue, minimizing face-to-pillow contact, and reducing sleep wrinkles and sleep lines.

Recommended for post-facial treatments. 

Following aesthetic treatments including facial surgery, neuromodulator treatments, dermal filler treatments, and laser treatments, sleeping with the enVy Pillow can maximize results and protect your investment by encouraging you to sleep “off-your-face”. On a regular basis, it can also maximize the effects of the preventative skincare products you apply before going to bed by keeping you from wiping them off.

If you’re in Victoria, enVy pillow is now available at Cosmedica. Stop by, email or phone in (250-598-3300) your order today, and get a beautiful night’s sleep.

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