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Sometimes dull, lacklustre skin needs a little extra help. On top of life’s usual wear and tear, our skin begins to lose collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid as we age and as a result of sun exposure. The resulting skin damage from this exposure (called photoaging) can also cause the early appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, dehydration, dryness, and loss of radiance.

 If you are looking for a long-lasting way to give your skin a boost from the inside out, we’d like to introduce you to the Beauty Booster treatment. This is a game-changing advancement in aesthetics that is revolutionizing the way we treat skin.

 What is the Beauty Booster treatment?

The Beauty Booster treatment combines the benefits of microneedling and the exclusive formula of Teosyal Redensity 1 to blanket the skin with essential nutrients and restore hydration, smooth fine lines, and increase collagen production.

 How does the Beauty Booster treatment work?

This treatment uses a unique injection device to quickly and effectively inject Teosyal Redensity 1 into the skin. With its 9-pin needle and vacuum suction, the device delivers the product beneath the skin with an accurate depth and dosage across the entire treatment area, while providing the additional collagen-stimulating benefits of microneedling.

 What is Teosyal Redensity 1?

Teosyal Redensity 1 is a unique hyaluronic acid dermal filler—also known as a Beauty Booster—made up of natural antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Redensity 1 is specifically designed to hydrate and replenish the skin, and when injected into the skin it works to naturally increase collagen production and improve skin elasticity.

 What can Beauty Boosters treat?

The Beauty Booster treatment is completely customizable with a wide range of applications to target dehydrated skin, fine lines and wrinkles. It can be used to achieve tighter, firmer skin on the face, lower eyelids, forehead, neck, decolletage, and hands.

 Who is a good candidate for this treatment?

Anyone looking to improve the quality of their skin is a good candidate for Beauty Boosters. During your complimentary consultation at Cosmedica, we will help you determine whether this treatment is the best option for you.

 How many treatments will I need?

For best results, we recommend three treatments, spaced 4-6 weeks apart.

 What results can I expect?

After a few treatments, you will experience visibly smoother, and softer skin. Firmness, hydration and radiance will be restored, and fine lines and wrinkles will be reduced.

 How long will results last?

Results should remain for at least 12 months post treatment.

 Does the treatment hurt?

The Beauty Booster treatment is quick and effective, with minimal pain and downtime.

 What is recovery like?

You can expect minimal downtime after your treatment. Some patients may have pinprick bruising and blotchiness post treatment which will usually settle after four days. After each subsequent treatment, downtime is reduced even further due to the dermis being repaired.

 If you are interested in learning more about the Beauty Booster treatment, contact us today.

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